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Hey, guys! I’m here to share with you the fun little Balloon Bar I styled a few weeks ago. It’s no secret that I’m balloon obsessed! Balloons are a classic and easy way to bring a little “pop” to any type of get together. I use balloons at EVERY event (not kidding) and I’ve been trying to come up with a fun way to bring my balloon love to the next level. So this time I substituted the dessert bar for a balloon bar.



1) Pick a balloon

2) Fill with confetti and glitter

3) Inflate

4) Tie with ribbon of choice

5) Decorate with bow

The feathers were my favorite part!

And what is a balloon bar without a tassle garland?

Try this at home, you guys! This was seriously an easy DIY station perfect for any age and any party. Make sure you share your pics with me on Instagram xoxo