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Seeing is everything! When it comes to food and gastronomy, the presentation is king. What is appealing to the eye is indeed appealing to the stomach and that is what works for most events and parties these days. Even when we opt for personal dining, a hearty looking meal with balanced nutrition and a balanced presentation is a clear winner. So, the importance of stylish food presentation cannot be underplayed today.

Stepping into the world of catering and events services, food presentation is a crucial determinant of who is better than the other. Gone are the days when taste was the only deciding factor as to whose food is a winner, today it is all about taste, innovation, look and presentation. Take for instance an appetizer dish like baby corn skewers in a party. Serving them in a cluster on a plate along with a sauce and a few toothpicks to pick them up is clearly the popular choice of presentation but is totally old school and unappetising. Taking the same dish and putting an extra spin and effort into plating it individually in one toothpick each along sitting on a dash of the delectable sauce, now that is inviting to the eyes and the palate.

Getting the balance of color, nutrition, and elements is very crucial when you set out to plate your dish for the final presentation. The best part about food presentation today is that it need not be gourmet to look fancy on a plate. It is more about increasing the face value of the food that is being served. Food presented in single servings is a clear winner and makes the one receiving it on a plate feel real special! And there is nothing better than delectable food that looks great on the plate too.