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Track lighting offers advantages wherever it is used, but particularly in the kitchen. Quite often, a kitchen has several different spots that can use additional lighting other than a single ceiling fixture. For example, the sink can use more light when vegetables are being cleaned or maybe under the cabinets as foods are prepared. Moreover, you can add to the kitchen d├ęcor with the style of track lighting that you select.

In planning the use of track lighting, it’s best to consider how light from one fixture can overlap the light from another fixture and and make the lighted area much more usable. The overlapping of light removes some shadows and shows more detail. Some kitchens with a single ceiling fixture cause tasks to be done while working in a your own shadow. Track lighting eliminates this “shadow work” area.

Take into account the color and reflectivity of existing kitchen surfaces. For example a very dark surface with a dull finish will seem to absorb light. On the other hand a white, shiny surface may reflect so much light that it seems too bright. You can test some of these areas for the kind and brightness of a proposed track light by using a strong flashlight as well as check on the best location. It’s not hard and it doesn’t take much time.

You have a choice between two different kinds of track lighting. One is called free form and the other is called fixed form. The free form style lets you adjust the location of each light on the track This allows you to remove a light head or you can relocate a light head. Also, you can change the color of the light heads and add to the kitchen’s style. The fixed form system has light heads that cannot be moved, they can only be turned around in their fixed location.

A fairly handy do-it-yourself person can install track lighting with some ease. You might need a helping had to hold some tracks in place white they are being attached to the ceiling or the underside cabinets, but otherwise it’s a one person job. Access to an electrical outlet or perhaps a junction box will be necessary also. You may want to consider some touch up painting or re-painting some areas, as well. And be sure to purchase your track lighting system components from the same supplier because the parts are usually not interchangeable between manufacturers.

Once installed, you will find track lighting in your kitchen a very great advantage over other common kithen lighting that cannot be focused or directed. Plus, track lighted kitchens are bright, efficient and beautiful.