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In a stark living room or bedroom, some throw pillows can really bring comfort and warmth into the decorating, as well as pulling together colors from around the room. Here are simple instructions for how to make your own throw pillows.


You’ll need fabric to make the pillows, thread and needle (or a sewing machine) and batting to fill the pillow with. You can buy specific pillow filling at a fabric store. You could also use an existing pillow to fill the new pillowcase.

Cut out your form

If you’re using an existing pillow, make sure to measure it. Otherwise, you want to cut your fabric in two pieces: one for the front, one for the back. Throw pillows can be made in many forms, but for the purposes of this lesson, we’re assuming you’ll make either a square or circle pillow with seams around the edges. When considering pillow size, you’ll want to cut the size you want plus at least half an inch. This extra room allows you room to make a seam and room for the custom made pillow to be compacted as you fill it.

Sew three seams

If working on a circle-shaped pillow, you’ll want to sew your fabric together around 3/4 of the circle. For the purposes of the square personalized pillow, you’ll sew three sides of the square together. To do this, place your two pieces of fabric together (outside in) and begin to sew, leaving a seam allowance to remain inside the pillow of at least 1/4 inch.

Stuff the pillow

Once your custom made pillow is 3/4 sewed, you’ll want to stuff it with your special pillow batting. Turn the pillow right-side out, and pull the batting out with your hands and arrange it inside the pillow until it’s the shape and size that you want, keeping in mind that the batting will settle a little over time as it assumes a shape. Don’t stuff it too full, though: you still have to sew up that fourth side!

Finish it off

The fourth side can be a little tricky to sew, but if you push the batting away from the seam, that can help. You will need to fold the seam allowance down into the custom made pillow, and sew as close to the edge as you can to ensure a seam that’s not overly visible. Take your time, and when you finish off your seam, go back over it to insure that your pillow doesn’t come open. Another option at this step is to install a zipper, but this isn’t recommended unless the customized pillow inside is sealed. That way, you can launder the pillow in case of spills.


Now you have a personalized throw pillow. Use it to tie together a room or to rest your head as you lounge on the couch. You’re on the way to a put-together room without spending much money!